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Google Drive exceeded quota workaround tutorial

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The following page will be displayed when you attempt to download a file hosted on Google Drive, which has received a large amount of downloads. You don't have to wait for 24 hours for the file to become downloadable again. Just follow the steps below to get download access right away.

1. Login using your Google account. (You may close this tab after you have successfully logged in)

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2. Go to the URL of the file that you're attempting to download.

3. Click the 'Add to My Drive' button. (It is first button, situated at the top of the page)

Skip this step if 'Add to my drive' popped up

You will just have to change the URL around a bit if the 'Add to my drive' option didn't show up

Sometimes Google drive links are in this format:


The 'Add to My Drive' button will not be shown if the URL is in this format and the background will be white.

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To load the correct page you will need to type https://drive.google.com/open?id= into the URL bar.

The id needs to be pasted right after the equals sign. The ID can be snagged from the other page, which isn't in the correct format. It should look something like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1bt6haNRBDyVDJnVGNhNHBmU0k

4. Go to your Google drive, the file should be there.

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5. Right click on the file and click 'Make a copy'. The file will be duplicated and added to your Google drive. You may remove the original file from your Google drive.

6. Right click on the copy of the original file and click 'Get shareable link'.

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You will be given a new link of the exact same file that you were attempting to download.

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If you need a more detailed tutorial:click here