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The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin - and the Nintendo game! Konami brings the Caped Crusader's second silver screen adventure to the video game screen in Batman Returns for the NES. Konami and this hot license sound like a great formula for an instant 8-bit classic. Unfortunately, both the film and the game get mixed reviews. Get ready for combat 3 vs 3 definitive with your favorite superhero and challenge other players to earn points and unlock new weapons in (Lego Dc Super Heroes) or catch Catwoman and recover the most valuable diamond Gotham City, jump on the roofs of buildings and run at full speed to catch this Gotham thief in (Lego Batman - DC Super Heroes).


All the maniacs, criminals and delinquents of Gotham City are sent to the Arkham psychiatric hospital where they are isolated from society. Following the arrival at the hospital of The Joker, Batman's arch-enemy, all the inmates rebel unleashing chaos and causing a huge problem.

Help Batman to fight crime in Gotham

This is the story behind Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game in which we take on the role of Batman and must fight all the criminals that we had locked up in their day that are now spreading panic in the city,under orders of The Joker.

You will have to move around the sinister Gotham City mental hospital getting rid of hordes of enemies on each level, using all the technology and knowledge that make Batman so incredible.

Delve into a world of darkness and violence that can only be thwarted by a hero, that has to avoid that all the criminals manage to escape. Enjoy the first levels of the game with the gloomy demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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  • The demo allows you to try out the FreeFlow combat system and the mechanics of the invisible predator while you move through the Arkham asylum installations. It's also possible to unlock character biographies.