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A Total War Saga Troy pc game Files free. download full version with single direct download link. Game is compressed, clean and has the fix file if needed to install. In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. Yet it takes only a single impulsive act to spark a conflict that will shake the world. Jul 15, 2021 A Total War Saga TROY Free Download Repacklab Troy introduces a new multiple resource economy that reflects the advancing pre-monetary barter economy of the Bronze Age setting. The five different resources are food, wood, stone, bronze, and gold, which can be found within different regions to varying degrees of scarcity.

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  • Developer: ValuSoft
  • Genre: Strategy/Wargame
  • Originally on: Windows (2004)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
  • Editor Rating:
  • User Rating: 6.0/10 - 4 votes
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In Battle For Troy, you can take control of either the Trojan Army or the mighty Greek Alliance. This was released back when the movie, Troy came out and it is kind of odd that it has nothing to do with that movie. Instead, this is going for a more historical telling of the classic story. It is an RTS style of game and if you have an interest in Greek mythology/stories and so on I am sure you will get a great deal out of this.

Two Sides Of The War

Battle For Troy Pc Game Download

One of the coolest things that Battle For Troy has going for it is that it gives you two campaigns to play. You can play as the trojan army or as the Greek empire and both have a very different point of view when it comes to the conflict. You are supposed to start with the Trojan campaign as this serves as the game's tutorial before it throws you into more difficult situations. Each campaign gets brutally difficult towards the end and I found myself getting more frustrated than having fun. If you play as The Trojans then you are defending your walls from the invading Greeks. On the flip side of this, playing as the Greeks sees you needing to invade and take over the city of Troy.

Straight To The Point

Battle Of Troy Map

I have to say that as far as RTS games go, Battle For Troy is a rather simple one. You do not have as many units to build and make use of here as you would think. Also, you level up by just straight killing people. Plus, you collect gold by killing enemies and gold is what is used for pretty much every aspect of the game when it comes to improving your forces. This simplicity makes the game very easy to figure out and get into.

I liked how you had more “magical” elements such as the healers who can use god spells to aid you. In all, it is not the most in-depth RTS I have played, but sometimes I like that as far too many are overly complex to the point where all of the fun is taken away.

Getting Impaled On A Difficulty Spike!

One of the strangest things about this game is the difficulty spike. Both sides of the campaign ramp up the difficulty from the second stage to an almost unbearable level. The number of enemies thrown your way is merciless! The game has rather simple mechanics, so I feel a much tamer difficulty would have made it far more fun. I can see why so many people got turned off by Battle For Troy after just a few hours as I would wager many people had to do the second battle, many, many times.

Buzz, Your Girlfriend, Woof!

I have to say that the presentation of this game is very, very basic. At the time this was released in 2004, RTS games were really coming into their own in terms of the visuals. This game feels like it is at least two to three years old in the way that it looks. I would not say that it is a bad looking game, but it is a very unappealing looking game. Another game bearing the name Troy (which I think was based on the movie) was released around the same time and it looks a million times better than this.

It would be so easy to pass this off as a bad game, but that is unfair. I do feel that Battle For Troy has some good qualities. I liked the more scaled-back kind of RTS action that this game is offering. As there are two campaigns, you get to experience this famous war from both sides which is pretty cool. I can even get past the rather dated-looking visuals. The main issue for me is that difficulty spike which makes the game more of a chore than fun. If the difficulty was not what it is, I probably would have scored this half a point higher.

Final Score


  • The game tells a great story
  • You can play the campaign from two sides
  • It is quite clever how one of the campaigns also serves as a bit of a tutorial
  • The gameplay is simplified
  • Great if you love these kinds of stories


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  • The difficulty spike is horrible
  • The game is rather ugly in terms of its visuals
Battle Of Troy Game Free Download

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Processor: PC compatible, P-III 600MHz 128MB 3D Video Card 16MB 9.0b

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OS: Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

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