Best External Hard Drive For Mac Pro 2013

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Nov 07, 2020 The WD My Passport Pro won out as the best wireless external hard drive for Mac. Because it’s a cost effective and flexible wireless hard drive. The WD My Wireless Pro drive comes with an SD card reader slot. Perfect when you want to offload photos and videos from your camera, drone or GoPro.


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Best external hard drive for mac pro 2013

Best Backup Storage For Mac

Hi, I have a Macbook Pro I purchased in 2016. It is a A1502 model built in Q4 of 2015 I believe. It stopped working around 2019 due to it constantly freezing and restarting. This issue persisted even after multiple reformatting and now it won't even get past the boot screen and launching it in safe mode has the same results. I was considering selling it for parts but maybe I was thinking that I could fix it myself if it was not too difficult? as I purchased new for around 2k so it might be worth a try, I know I won't get anywhere near that number now but still, I might get a little and it all helps. I was just wondering if the hard drive (assuming that's the issue) can be easily bought and replaced for this particular model A1502 and what are the steps involved if it's worth doing at all. Let me know. Many thanks - J