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In browser game, is more like simulation game, raise the stat and get the boy...Here, there are collection of dating simulation game for girls, that you can play in your browser, without having to download the game...
1. Pacthesis
Pacthesis, games, are really fun to play. We can see a very good improvement, from her very first game until her latest. They are really good game, to passed your time. You can easily hooked to her game...:)
Download pacthesis games online2. Nummyz
Nummyz game, also fun to play. Though the art is not as good as others, but they have a good story and a unique concept of dating simulation game. But, their latest dating simulation game for girls, Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2, have a nice art and they have a sweet story, to the game too...
3. Heavenly Playgirl
This another dating simulation games. It's about a girls that always have a change of heart. One day, she got into a car crash, and she was given a second chance to relive her life. It have a good story, the art is beautiful, and you got to choose, a lot of guy...>///<
4. Cafe Rouge
Number Days Sim DateCafe rouge is a good Dating Simulation Games for girls. It has 7 part of the game. The story is good, the art is pretty, over all, i have fun playing it, and i was really hooked, to the game.

Dating Sim Games Pacthesis

...and in thisWEBSITE they havecollection of good date simulation game for girls, also for boys, but if you wanna play the Boy's Dating Simulation game go ahead. Sometimes, boy's dating simulation games is kinda fun too...I've played a few...but, i need to warn you though, if its' for boys...some of it, might not be suitable for the girl under the age of's for BOYS after all...that's why, i'm more fond of Otome game...they're more 'girl friendly'...alright, continue on...

Star Days Sim Date Game

....and now on to browser game that needs to be Sign Up before you could play the game...there are :
1. Star Project - Galaxy
This is an Entertainment Industry game. In Star Project, after you signed'll be given an event where you meet the star of this game, Touya. Your duty is to make him a star. Brought him to training, promote him in commercial. You can give his stage name and unlocked CG's with him. Although, there are several feature in this game, that you need to pay with your own money, but it doesn't stop you to have fun in this game...

Violet Goes To The Beach

2. My Candy Love

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This another, otome game in browser, that you need to sign up, before you play the game. The game is fun, the art is good. You'll be given an action point, each time you logged on...Your action point, will determine, your movement in the game. Once the action point is finish, you have to logged on another day, to be able to continue your game again.

Pacthesis Dating Games