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HTC latest masterpieces, HTC Hero, packs with the most coveted features in the modern mobile world, including powered by Google’s famous Android operating system. However, many user who are running Windows 7 (either 64-bit or the 32-bit version) are having some trouble sync-ing their Hero to their computer, as the driver is not installed properly in Windows 7. This seems to be a. HTC DESIRE 826 FASTBOOT DRIVERS FOR MAC DOWNLOAD. Htc fastboot mode. Download adb & fastboot drivers for windows pc 15 seconds. Usb driver fastboot drivers. Download HTC Sync Manager For Windows & Mac. Download (v3.1.88.3) -141 MB→For Windows. Download (v3.1.115) – 51.8 MB→For Mac. From the download link just download the Htc Sync Manager and installed on your PC or Mac then you can easily perform any of the task mentioned above. Rootmygalaxy a.k.a RMG was started in 2015 with a solo goal of.

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In this tutorial, you can download and install the Android USB drivers on Windows and Mac computers. As we all carry our smartphones these days, you might regularly connect your device to a PC for carrying out tons of activities. These include the usual transfer of images, videos, and other related files from your device to PC or vice versa.

With Android devices, you might even use them for WiFi sharing with the help of USB Tethering. Some even connect their device to PC for the MIDI or PTP mode or if nothing else just to charge their devices. Likewise, the tech enthusiasts make full use of Android’s open-source nature to try out numerous custom development like unlocking the device’s bootloader and getting administrative privileges in the form of the root.

Furthermore, some users also try out custom recoveries, ROMs, and other tweaks, mods, and frameworks. For each of them, you will have to boot your device to bootloader, fastboot, or recovery. While you could subsequently boot to these modes from the device itself, the first time will definitely require connecting your device to a PC. Along the same lines, there are tons of useful ADB and Fastboot commands that not only the geeks, but the everyday users try out. Again to execute any of the ADB commands, you will have to connect your device to a PC and enable the USB Debugging.

So in all of the above tasks, one thing stands common- connecting your device to a PC via USB. However, if the appropriate Android USB Drivers aren’t installed on your PC, the connection stands futile. In this regard, you will have to install the OEM-specific USB drivers on your PC or Mac. However, finding the right drivers is no easy task. But fret not. In this guide, we have shared the Android USB Drivers for all the OEMs. These include the ones from Google, Samsung, and Xiaomi to the less popular ones like the Leagoo, Injoo, Evercross, and many more.

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  • Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

What Is Android USB Driver

Android USB Drivers are among the most important tool for your device. It creates a bridge between your Android device and PC. This in turn makes the interaction and communication between both the smartphone and PC possible. Until and unless the appropriate USB drivers are installed, your PC or Mac will just fail to recognize your device. Forget about executing the ADB codes, even the basic task of copy-pasting images and videos wouldn’t be possible.

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Likewise, you might also be using your device’s tool for flashing purposes or file transfer purposes. All these tools, including the likes of Sony Flash Tool, Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, Samsung’s Odin, all require USB drivers for your device. We guess all the above-mentioned points should be enough to stress how important are these drivers. So with that in mind, it’s now time to download and install the USB Drivers for your Android device from below.

Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

You can download the latest USB drivers from your respective Android smartphone brand official Website, But here you can download USB drivers with a single click. below we have provided direct download links for most leading Android Smartphone brands.

1) Google USB Driver:

2) HTC USB Driver:

3) Samsung USB Driver:

4) LG USB Driver:

5) Sony USB Driver:

6) Motorola USB Driver:

Htc Driver Mac Free


Download Motorola Device Manager (Drivers Included)

7) Xiaomi USB Driver:

Download Mi Phone Manager (PC Suite)

8) OPPO USB Driver:

9) OnePlus USB Driver:

10) Amazon USB Driver:

11) Intel USB Drivers:

12) Dell USB Driver:

13) Acer USB Driver:

14) ALCATEL USB Driver:

15) ASUS USB Driver:

16) Huawei USB Driver:

17) Lenovo USB Drivers:

18) ZTE USB Driver:

19) Toshiba USB Drivers:

20) YU USB Driver:

21) Fujitsu USB Drivers:

22) Gionee USB Drivers:

23) EverCross USB Drivers:

24) Lyf USB Drivers:

25) Ulefone USB Drivers:

26) Leagoo USB Drivers:

26) Infinix USB Drivers:

26) Innjoo USB Drivers:

26) Homtom USB Drivers:

26) Oukitel USB Drivers:

Htc Driver For Mac

26) Coolpad USB Drivers:

26) Coolpad USB Drivers:

27) Allview USB Drivers:

28) M-Horse USB Drivers:

29) Archos USB Drivers:

30) Karbonn USB Drivers:

31) Vivo USB Drivers:

32) Micromax USB Drivers:

33) Lava USB Drivers:

34) VkWorld USB Drivers:

35) Umidigi USB Drivers:

36) Allcall USB Drivers:

37) UHans USB Drivers:

38) Meiigoo USB Drivers:

39) Maze USB Drivers:

40) Vernee USB Drivers:

41) LeTV/LeEco USB Drivers:

42) Intex USB Drivers:

43) Hisense USB Drivers:

44) Cubot USB Drivers:

46) Zopo USB Drivers:

47) Nomu USB Drivers:

48) Razer USB Drivers:

49) Colors USB Drivers:

50) Meizu USB Drivers:

51) Mobiistar USB Drivers:

52) Tecno USB Drivers:

53) Asus USB drivers:

54) Razer USB Driver:

55) Prestigio USB Drivers

56) Koolnee USB Drivers

57) Walton USB Drivers

58) Gigaset USB drivers

58) Hyundai USB drivers

59) Nobby USB drivers

60) 10.or USB drivers

61) Smartisan USB drivers

62) Geecoo USB drivers

63) Nokia USB drivers

64) Siswoo USB drivers

Installing Android USB drivers in Windows/Mac

We have a separate article on how to install the Android USB Drivers on Windows. Well, if you are using macOS, then you’ll need to install Android File Transfer for Macand you’re good to go. It will automatically connect Android devices and your Mac computer to share media and comment files.

Want to download the ADB Fastboot tool?

We have already written a complete guide on how to download and install the ADB Fastboot tool on your PC/Laptop. We also shared the basic ADB Commands guide for you to learn.

Touch Htc Driver Download

If you didn’t find your device, please comment below, we will find and update the drivers for you.