Nintendo Switch How To Download Games

You bought a Nintendo Switch bundled with Zelda, Mario or another of Nintendo's 'triple A' titles and you're having a blast. Now, however, you would like to try something different and are looking for other games. Sorry, but I don't see where the problem is: open the Nintendo eShop (Nintendo digital store) or go to any electronics store and there you will find many titles that will satisfy your hunger for games. As they say You had already thought about it, but really would you like to avoid spending more money after buying the console? So don't worry, I have what you need.

  1. Nintendo Switch How To Download Games From Gift Cards

Nintendo Switch How To Download Games From Gift Cards

If you take a few minutes of your free time, I can explain How Download games free on Nintendo Switch taking advantage of the rich selection of titles and free demos available on the Nintendo eShop. I assure you that you will not have problems finding something interesting. Of course, titles like «Super Mario Odyssey','The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'And' Super Smash Bros 'remain on another level, but this does not mean that there are no valid titles also in the free field.

@Eoin That is silly. The switch's internal memory is faster than micro sd, so.I would like to use the internal memory for games and game updates, but use a micro sd card for screenshots so as to avoid unnecessary wear on the internal memory. Spewman - 4 years ago. Your Nintendo Switch console must be connected to the Internet to download games. The downloaded game can only be played on the console it is downloaded to. Due to the large data size of these games, it may take some time for the game to download.

Come on, come on: don't just stand there impaled! Get your Switch right away, turn it on, and follow the instructions I'm going to give you in order to find, download, and install the many titles available in the Nintendo eShop free games category - I'm convinced it will take many hours. healthy fun at no cost!

Table of Contents

  • 1 Preliminary operations

Preliminary operations

Before explaining How download free games on Nintendo Switch, I must show you a couple of procedures without which it is not possible to complete this operation: the first is to create a Nintendo account (if you don't already have one); the other, however, in the configuration of the same in Switch. Everything is explained in detail here.

Nintendo Account Creation

guidance on create a Nintendo account must act from the PC or, in any case, from a smart device with a navigator).

Therefore, turn on the device you plan to use to create the account, open the browser (that is, the program you usually use to surf the net, for example chrome ), linked to the Nintendo Accounts website and press the button Create a Nintendo account, located at the bottom of the page.

Then specify if you have 15 years old or younger o at least 16 years old and follow the instructions you see on the screen. In the first case, you must first press the button come and authenticate with a primary Nintendo Account (or create one right now). If you were wondering, the primary account allows you to receive emails every time the secondary account makes a purchase in Nintendo stores or through a Nintendo application for smart devices; It also allows you to limit certain activities of the controlled account.

However, in the case of users 16 years of age or older, it is possible to freely proceed with the creation of their account. All you have to do is complete the proposed form by entering, in the appropriate text fields, Nickname, direction of e-mail, password (with relative confirmation), birthdate, sex belonging, Country / region of residence y time zone. Alternatively, you can click the buttons Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, google o twitter, to authenticate through one of the services in question.

Then remember to put the check mark next to the entry I accept the terms of the Nintendo Account Agreement and accept the Nintendo Account Privacy Policy and press the button continued, to continue.

On the next page, choose whether receive emails from Nintendo related to promotions and other activities, checking one of the two available boxes, and click the button Confirm and register, to continue.

In conclusion, log in to your email, copy the Verification code you got from nintendo stick it in the field Confirmation code from the Nintendo Accounts site and press the button confirmation, to complete the process of creating your account.

Set up Nintendo account on Switch

Now is the time to set up your Nintendo account. on the switch. Then turn on the console, unlock it by pressing the same button three times in a row, and make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi: to do this, press gear icon present in the main menu go to Internet> internet settings and, if necessary, select the wireless network to which you want to connect the Switch.

At this point, go back to the main console menu and select yours. avatar from the main menu, top left. On the next screen press the button Link a Nintendo account and, in case you are offered to do a console software update, accept: without this step, in fact, you could not continue with the procedure.

Now depending on the login method you used to create your Nintendo account, press the button Sign in with an email address or login ID (if you created the account by email) or on the button Login with another account (if you created the account through Nintendo ID, Facebook, Google or Twitter). Then enter your account credentials and press the buttons to access y Connections, to complete the procedure and connect your Nintendo Account to the Switch user profile.

The account will be configured with some active features: friend related features, news about games y Deals, Nintendo eShop and possibility of post screenshots in social media. To keep them all active and confirm, press the button good.

If any of the steps are not clear to you and / or you need more information on how to create an account on Nintendo Switch, check out the tutorial I dedicated to the topic.

How to download free games from Nintendo Switch

At this point, with the Nintendo Account connected to your Switch, you are ready to Download games from the console's electronic store. Therefore, access the main menu of Switch, press the icon Nintendo eShop (the shopping bag with orange edges) and select the account with which to access the store.

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to re-enter your Nintendo Account password: then add the check mark next to the item Skip this step from now on (to avoid having to repeat the operation every time you log in), press the button enter, enter your Nintendo account password and press the button good, to log in.

Once you have entered the Nintendo eShop, to find the free downloadable games, press the item Search present in the left sidebar, then the button price , scroll the next screen to the end and go to the section Free download. After that, press the item Show more (bottom right) and you will see the full list of items available for free download.

Almost there: now you just have to locate the free game of your interest among those available in the Nintendo store and click on your title, to see the description. Then press the button Free download twice in a row, then up search and that's it

The title download will start instantly and you can follow it directly from the main Switch menu. At the end of the procedure, you can start the game by pressing directly on your cover image.

In addition to the free games, there are also games available on the Nintendo eShop manifestation of values ​​paid. To get the free demo of a paid title, all you have to do is select the latter in the Nintendo store, press the button Demo version and respond good to the notice that appears on the screen. The demo will appear on the main Switch menu, as will the full games downloaded from Nintendo eShop.

note: If you want to cancel a previously downloaded game from Nintendo eShop, access the Switch settings (by pressing the button gear icon in the main menu of the console), select the item Data management from the left sidebar, then the option software, select the game you want to delete and press first Clear software and then clear y good.

Nintendo Switch Online subscription

In conclusion, I want to report the existence of Nintendo Switch online - A subscription service that allows you to access the multiplayer mode online titles for Switch, take advantage of exclusive discounts on games available on Nintendo eShop and save data in the cloud. It also allows you to freely use many classic titles for NES.

The service, except for promotions, costs € 3.99 for 1 month, € 7.99 for 3 months or € 19.99 for 12 months (which become € 34.99, if you choose the family plan with support for up to 8 accounts), always with a 7-day free trial. To subscribe to the subscription, you must log in to Nintendo eShop, select the item Nintendo Switch online from the left sidebar press the button Subscription optionschoose if you want to do a individual record o family and press the button Proceed to purchase related to the plan to subscribe.

Alternatively, if you've never activated a Nintendo Switch Online subscription before, press the button Try it for free and start your 7-day free trial period to test the potential of Nintendo Switch Online. More information here..

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  • You can only redownload games using the Nintendo Account that purchased the game. If a specific game or DLC item shows 'Purchased' in the Nintendo eShop but you are unable to redownload it, you may find our information on Software Displays 'Purchased' in the Nintendo Switch eShop helpful.
  • These steps will redownload a game and all purchased DLC associated with the game or you can choose to redownload only certain content individually.
  • Games that have been archived (not deleted) will still have an icon on the HOME Menu, and can be redownloaded by anyone on the console.
  • Games that have been deleted will not have an icon on the HOME Menu, and can only be redownloaded with the Nintendo Account that originally purchased the game.
  • This feature is available for Nintendo Accounts set to U.S. and Canada, and countries with a limited version of Nintendo eShop.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Access the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu and verify whether an icon for the game appears there.