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Embark on an extraordinary adventure and try to catch all the cubemon in the fun, pokemon-style RPG Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game. With more than 300 different cubemon all over the world, catching them all will be no easy task!
Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game has super simple controls: move your character with your left thumb, while tapping the action button with your right thumb to interact with objects and other characters. The inventory, map, cubemon collection and other menus are all clearly displayed on the rest of the screen.
Of course, you'll battle other players and wild cubemon as you explore, and Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game's battles are fought in almost exactly the same way as battles in the Pokemon games. During battles, you'll select a cubemon, and then choose which of his available attacks to use during your turn. After your cubemon attacks, it's your opponent's turn. You'll also have to battle wild cubemon and weaken them in order to catch them successfully.
Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game's concept, story, and graphics are pretty obviously inspired by the Pokemon saga. That being said, this RPG has a wide variety of cubemon to catch and and extraordinary graphics.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Jasmine

Pokemon 3d Rpg Academy Game Download Free

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